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27 July 2011


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Nicole @ Living In London Guide

Great blog! I just discovered it...good to see there are so many other London bloggers doing well!

Ill definitely be forwarding this to my friends with kids! : )

Laura Evans

Nicole, thanks so much for the read and comment!!! Off to check out your site, its a great city to blog about!!

Princess Paula

I'm a London actress looking for things to do with my kids in the summer holidays..

Please have a read of my post and let me know if you have any ideas!

Graham C

There are some great ideas on this blog. We are new to the area and this will help alot.I think the girls will realy like the city farm !

Joanna burrows

If anyone is free on the 19th of November I have tickets for the Santa train at Selfridges. I have 5 adult tickets and 2 kids. Unfortunately I can no longer go on this day so if any one would like to pay the standard price of 7 pounds for adults and 3 for kids. I will cover the booking fees etc.... Contact me at joannaburrows@yahoo.co.uk


Lovely blog, just stumbled accross it on google :-))

Well done!
Laura x



Fantastic, I never knew this blog existed either! I will definitely be coming back on here :)

Maria x


I have been to all those places with my little girl and she loved them. Coram's fields is our favourite.


Great blog and great ideas. I have recently download the Itreasure-hunt App for my Iphone and found, it is amazing, I can create my own treasure hunt or play an existing one and is really child friendly. www.itreasure-hunt.com I am very impressed and hope you might find it of interest. I will keep reading your blog, very well written.


Thanks for the tips. Have just moved to London and am nannying for a family, so this is really helpful.


Great blog thanks so much for sharing. London is still a fantastic city to spend time in. I love visiting the museums with my two kids. We start at the natural history and pop over to the science museum after its walking distance! They are still free and totally amazing!


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