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10 March 2010


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Can't agree more! No more dog do on our streets! Cute as it is to see my kids artfully dodging and skipping between the turds, it would be nice to sometimes take our eyes off the pavement and walk with heads held high, taking in the surroundings!

Not So Yummy Mummy

I too am sick and tired of London's poo smeared streets. It's horrible. In America people pick up after their dogs and if someone "forgets" you can always rely on a passer-by to remind them.

Maybe people here are just too lazy?

If you can't pick up after your dog then you really shouldn't own one.


Could not agree more. I just moved here from Toronto and am shocked by the amount of poo. Ironically I see more dogs on the streets in Toronto, yet the streets are cleaner....

What if we followed these owners home, went into their living room and left a nice giant turd there for them???


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