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22 October 2009


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Expat Mum

They tell you to let it run its course rather than take those decongestant things. Sometimes however, you just have to allow yourself to feel better.

A Modern Mother

I admit to being a wash your hands freak.

Metropolitan Mum

I am asking every visitor who comes to our house to wash their hands. They are partly looking a little bewildered, but at least it puts my mind at ease.

nutrition sportive 

You have given good tips to deal with the common cold.I can understand that being ill with a baby is really very challenging.Thank you very much for sharing this with us.

Janine Clements

I completely sympathise. Once you have a child, even if you are ill, you simply can't feel ill. Mums don't get sick days!

Take vitamins regularly to help prevent bugs.

If you do feel a cough/cold coming on take Echinacea, it works well to keep them at bay, although not always! First Defence was recommended to me, you can get it from the pharmacy, not sure I used it properly.

Yes definitely wash your hands and rest (easier said than done with a baby). I also give my daughter vitamins (haliborange) daily and have done since she was about 1. I give her a tonic from the pharmacy if she's ill to keep up her energy.

My father-in-law says you should drink a hot toddy, whisky, honey and lemon - it just makes me feel sick!


I am always full of cold and im always washing my hands as i have small children in the house and when your feeling ill there is nothing worse than you baby coming down with it aswell

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