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03 August 2009


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interesting - I think mums are getting older tho but i have friends who run their mums ragged with childcare and i have to say it's really selfish.

Liz Jarvis

We live in Nappy Valley, and my mum was actually heavily involved in helping out with the childcare for my son - I don't know what I would have done without her. But to make it fair, I always paid her, and tried (very hard) not to take advantage. They have such a fantastic bond now it's lovely to see.



My mum has played a massive part in the upbringing of my son - who can you trust more than your mum? I paid her the same rate as the nursery would have charged me. Everyone happy!

Nanny jobs

Myself and my partner both run our own companies and given the current economic climate business has had an impact on our spending. My mother recently retired so we have been enlisting her help more often. She's been a life saver on many occasions!

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