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18 May 2009


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Jane Alexander

You know, ten years on, I still smart at the memory of breastfeeding (or my doomed attempts at it). Interesting that the subject is up for debate again. I recently posted something I wrote about my own experience on one of my blogs - might be of interest to anyone trying and failing.....(or those who automatically judge any woman without a baby stuck to her breast).


I'm sure I'm going to get crucified for this, but due to a horrifically long labour, emergency surgery, and subsequent SCBU admission for my daughter; I breastfed for a whole 10 days. In hindsight I think my body had gone into shock and had shut down.

My milk never really came in properly and in the end I was so distraught that I was producing so little the SCBU nurses and my midwife said I should express the tiny amount I was producing and they'd top up with formula, so that's what we did.

It wasn't the easy option it's portrayed. You try making up and sterilising them in your sleep, rather than popping out a nipple! And storing pre-made milk on trips in the summer - well I shudder at the memory!

But you know what? Despite all my fears that I was being a bad mother who was going to kill my child by not breastfeeding her she's now six not obese, sickly, asthmatic, allergic or stupid. She's a smart and sassy little girl, who eats healthily and exercises all the time which is in the end as important as those few months of breastfeeding.

Metropolitan Mum

Thanks for sharing this!
I think dogmatism - no matter in which direction - is what bothers me most in this whole discussion. I don't like being pushed into any direction, and I felt that his was the case.

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