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05 December 2008


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Susanna (A Modern Mother)

Perhaps because I was not born in England, but I do not understand the boarding school mentality, though I am both fascinated and repelled by the idea of sending away your children at age 11.

I'm glad the Littleboys won't be boarding.

Thanks for the story.


Great story, thanks for sharing.

Anything to do with boarding school fascinates me, have you been watching Pride and Privilege?


Oh my, I could not imagine that. Okay, I lied, sometimes I fantasize about it for my 15 year old, but really that is rare.


There is a boarding school about 45 minutes from me and sometimes I think there must be some way we can afford it for the boys, but most of the time I can't imagine actually doing it.


Ohmygod! Poor you. Glad you have it figured out.

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