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11 November 2008


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Susanna (A Modern Mother)

I'll start with my favourites ... though they truly are all BRILLIANT.

Coke adds life, losing the plot, a grand day out, mummy's having a poo, oh forget it, they are all good.

And how could anyone not like a post that prompted 253 comments on Alpha Mummy?


I'll have to have a much closer look at this competition, and the links to the latest entries.

Will just have to make sure the judges don't take a closer look at where my lady parts should be.


My so many entries. I just cannot get over what a super title "Mummys having a poo" is. Makes me giggle everytime I see it - I guess I like potty humor.


This is the first carnival I've ever been part of, and I've enjoyed myself!

It's a shame to pick a favourite, as they are so different, and each one would be a favourite according to my mood and my thought processes of the day. I've managed to narrow it down to two: the "Mummy's having a poo" story is fabulous, and "Coke adds Life" is Reluctant Memsahib at her finest, pictures and all.

Reluctant Memsahib

mummy's having a poo. because it's too funny. and because i bet most mums have said it from behind firmly locked bathroom doors the other side of which stands a persistently knocking toddler, as in ''go away, mummy's having a poo''.

Jess @ NBP

That's wonderful!

Aimee (journey2learn)

These look like fun reads....will have to check them out. Thanks for sharing the links.

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