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07 November 2008


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Yikes! I had no idea taking the bus in England was such an event. My hats off to you mums.


Oh my goodness! I seriously cannot imagine having to navigate any public transportation with kids and strollers. Just getting them & it in adn out of my car is a huge hassle


I'm so glad I only have one toddler and no pushchair, you reminded me what a hassle the bus run was :(

Lori@The Charming Lamb

Wow...so much work. Really makes you plan all of your outings.

I remember trying to push strollers in stores that had their isles pushed so close together. How on earth did they expect you to come in and shop? Even children's stores were like that!


This is such a great entry. Well written. That's pure madness that it takes so much to ride the bus!

Heather B.

That is really just obsurd! Great post!

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