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20 November 2008


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Certainly backfired on the Motrin people. Had to be some young ad exec with no children. Hopefully they will think twice before offending mommys.

Lori@The Charming Lamb

Yikes! I kept hearing about the Motrin ad, but never knew any of the specific details.

Carrying my kiddo like that would have caused me back pain, but I would HARDLY call this type of bonding a "fashion statement".

A single male must have written it!

Almost American

Hmm - I used a sling till my kids weighed at least 25 pounds and it never hurt my back! Definitely not a fashion statement - it was just practical.

Jessica NBP

Would have been a baby wearing momma if only my back would've withstood it. I'm glad they are a bit more grownup so I don't have to carry them as often.


I wore my "little one" (20 lbs at 4 months!) every day for a year. The only time I experienced back pain was when I was using a poorly constructed carrier. After switching to a wrap instead of a cheap structured carrier I never had back pain. My baby was very happy being worn and was most certainly not a fashion statement, although she is very cute.

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