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12 November 2008


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Glad your child took it well. These things happen, but your NRWCU sounds like quite a good idea. Sometimes I wonder if someone is coming, but feel odd if I were to call, like I was pressuring them to come or something. If it could just become part of the norm, like Ms. Manners was all for it, then that would save alot of grief.


Bummer about the party but glad your daughter took it well. Havoc has missed a couple due to me forgetting about them

Heather B.

Thats to bad, BUT we are only mommies, not super heroes :) we are totally allowed to forget now and again. Im glad she is taking it well :)

Jess @ NBP

Sorry she missed the party, but there's always more.

Aimee (journey2learn)

I have done this...but what is worse: last week forgot to take DD to her dance class because forgot it was Thursday...OOPS


I think that one of the things that contribute to that missing the party could be the invitation. What if you could have received an invitation that consists a DVD that shows the one who is inviting with the venue and the map too, along with it is the interactivity. I found this idea in Silver Screen Invites, they are a company that makes cool DVD invitation letters with full customizability.

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